Friday, March 30, 2007

5 Things.

Steenks sez:
1. I write sideways.
2. I secretly want to own one of those huge turtletop vans with the velvet seats and the minibar in the back. (they were popular in the 80s. shut up, you know you want one too).
3. I don't know how to fold a fitted bedsheet properly.
4. When i used to work in an office, I would wear headphones, but I would turn off the music sometimes to eavesdrop on the Mini Boss (it wasn't very interesting).
5. I recently discovered that I unwittingly went through a fierce navy-blue-pants phase because I just did laundry and there are about 8 pairs of navy blue pants sitting on my couch.

Crashlander sez:
1. I used to like legos until I saw a 35 yr old man playing with work.
2. I have a very specific way of how I eat cookies in the afternoon (around the edges and toward the center.) I also like to eat the shells of things first.
3. I have to watch Good Morning America first thing every morning (but that's a post September 11 thing).
4. When I drive to work and see cows on the side of the road, I smile. Cuz I'm looking at cows on the side of the road. And that's fuckin weird.
5. I like driving to work everyday until I make a right by the 76.



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