Friday, March 30, 2007

It's okay to Brooklyn.

I've never lived in New York, and the last time I was there was about fifteen years ago for an audition that Will Never Be Brought Up Again So Don't Ask. I vaguely remember the stench of urine around subway stations. And I think I was still young enough to be scared of homeless people. Anyway. It has recently come to my attention that New York is a terrible place to date, which I find to be weird because well, there's a shitload of people there; and the city is 99.9% pedestrian (unlike LA where it's perfectly normal to drive a block and if you suggest otherwise, you will be shot dagger looks of death); and there's a bar or three on every corner. Also? Most people there are employed because it's ridiculously expensive.

But. I didn't realize the extent of how bad the dating scene is in New York until I received this lovely missive from a frustrated single friend who has been yearning to find the One (which could very well be the root of his problem): "I am not about to go fight some tranny over a girl who has a history of massive depression. Or am I?"

Brooklyn Ladies: Has it come down to picking trannies over lonely male New Yorkers with legit day jobs?



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