Monday, April 30, 2007

Beef with NBA players.

All right. It's the NBA playoffs, and I totally have money on a few games. But I love watching the playoffs this year because last year? Total fucking snore. Did I watch the Baby Bulls sweep the Heat this past weekend? Yes. Yes I did. And I LOVED IT. I'm down with Shaq, and yes, I like Dwayne Wade. I even like Gary Peyton! But: I also love Ben Wallace, even though I think he shoulda stuck with the Pistons. And I really love Allen Iverson. But I think all girls do. And if you don't, there is something wrong with you, and we may not be able to be friends.

So I'm watching the Nugs play the Spurs, and I hate the Spurs. I really hate the fact that Robert Horry just scored a three-pointer and the commentators are all up in arms because he's 36 and hit a 3-pointer. OK, the man makes like what? 2 mil a year? HE BETTER FUCKING MAKE A THREE POINT BASKET DURING THE PLAYOFFS. Fuck. If I were getting PAID like him and didn't make that play, I would feel guilty. For all of 2 seconds, and then go out and buy myself a Lambourghini.

Speaking of Spurs, WHAT THA F is up with Manu Ginobili's hair? He looks like one of those kids in third grade whose mum dropped him off at Supercuts telling him to get a sweet lil cut, and he decided to take matters in his own hands and get like 3 inches off too short. So Manu, you fucked your hair up, and for the playoffs too. That's not cool.



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