Monday, May 7, 2007

My Weekend, in an 8 oz glass.

Being from the south, I celebrate summer with a good mint julep or six. Also, the Kentucky Derby was this weekend, and while I don't give a shit about horse racing or fancy hats, I do give a shit about bourbon. It conjures up memories of firefly evenings, picking buttercups, and blowing dandelion globes in wild abandon (which pissed my dad off immensely because I singlehandedly weeded up the backyard. Sorry pops.)

But. It's not a party without you, me, and the Easter bunny, so here's a fantasmaglorious mint julep recipe from the fine folks at Camp Chao: Juleps
by George
The recipe for the julep we were drinking comes from the memoir of southern aristocrat William Alexander Percy, adoptive father of Walker Percy. It goes something like this:

In 1 julep glass (about 8 oz):

1 inch of sugar
just enough lukewarm water to soak up the sugar
4 fresh mint leaves

Mix until sugar is dissolved

Pack the glass full with crushed ice, and fill to
top with good bourbon. Top off with ground nutmeg and mint garnish.

Stir, drink, and forget.



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