Thursday, May 10, 2007

Will Travel...for a better show.

So I thought October Road was bad.
But it pales in comparison to the worst fucking show on ABC thus far, beating out even Dancing with the Stars. Oh wait. Is Wifeswap on ABC? If so, then "Will Traveler" is the second worst show on ABC now.
Did anyone else want to punch all three guys? I'm sure Jack Kerouac, if he were alive and kicking, would bolt up and throw a bottle of rum at whoever wantonly used his book in vain in order to kick off the pilot episode. Just..NO.
So here's the summary: Stupid prank, rollerblading(!!!) in a museum, KABOOM!, screaming, more screaming, evil rich daddy with black Amex, more screaming, annoying girlfriend, screaming at girlfriend, screaming at wall, screaming at Will, dead Will burnt to a crisp, bad patriotic monologue delivery, end scene.



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