Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fresh Meat.

Mayyyyn, global warming is a bitch. I walked outside at 11:30 and read the thermometer and it's 97. What the hell. Thanks Bon Jovi--you may have given us such great hits like, "Wanted: Dead or Alive" or "You Give Love a Bad Name," but you put a fucking hole in the ozone with that hairspray. It's all your fault BON JOVI. ALL YOUR FAULT.

In other news, Crash and I had a summit meeting in the Bay Area this past week, and have decided since neither one of us is doing any kind of job of keeping this blog updated, we're gonna introduce a new blogger to our crew, EDubbs n' Beenkz. EDubbs may seem a bit shy at first, so here's a little backstory to familiarize yourselves. Here's a direct quote:

"I ate half a cheesecake. I'm a fucking mess."

Welcome EDubbs!


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