Thursday, August 21, 2008

Behind the Scenes of AT Blogging...

Before I started writing for AT:LA, I have to admit that I barely blogged. Or read a blog (unless you count Television Without Pity, which really isn't a blog...OK, I read Perez Hilton, FINE, I admit it dammit! Hey, Laure does too...) I think the first few months of blogging for AT was a bit of a shock because well, it's kinda hard to come up with content all the time, and even more importantly: do you know how hard it is to use "we" with everything? Readers bitch about that all the time, and let me just say: look, I get it, I'm not trying to sound pretentious--it's a rule that we (and I do mean "we") have to abide by. The Bossman spoketh.

Anyway. Here are a few things that may (or may not) surprise you about the inner workings of the AT:LA workforce:
1. About once a week, we'll get a few dumb email. And by dumb, I mean, someone is asking us how much we're selling the vinyl Traffic Allure flooring. And it's always about that.
2. We don't get paid by studios to feature TV sets or movie sets. If we did, I'd be posting a shitload more about that. I tend to post a lot about that because I probably watch more TV than the rest of the bloggers combined. This is not necessarily a good thing, but it's the truth.
3. Only one of us is a full time blogger.
4. Every week, we pick the Wet Weedy Willy of the Week Award for Best Reader Comment. This week's comment was awarded early, and it goes unanimously to K T G.
5. I read Gregory, Jonathan, and Laure's personal blogs more than AT. I would read Abby's too, but I'm not sure she has one. I don't think they read my blog at all, mainly because...I've just started updating it.
6. At least once a day, I will skulk around my house and whine about how I have no idea what I should post about (there's a minimum of three posts a day).
7. We are encouraged not to pick fights with comments. (This is a good thing. Especially because in the grand scheme of things, it's just a rug. Or a chair. Or a plastic tree with lightbulb tumors.) So if you leave a not-so-nice comment, don't expect a heated response from any of the staff.
8. We're not allowed to post anything about the kitchen, food, kid's rooms, Europe house tours, Europe stores, or anything or place outside of our territory. So this video I've posted for Friday will probably earn me a slap on the wrist, but what the hell--it's brilliant.
9. Are people really that peeved about Austin, TX? That surprised me.
10. I never look at the Google Analytics. Ever. Sorry Gregory.


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