Friday, September 5, 2008

Books Recs, from the Guy Who Programs iTunes Audiobooks!

When I was up north these past few days, I got a chance to hang out with one of my favorite people, Rob. He basically runs the whole operation of Audiobooks for all of iTunes, and he's kinda sorta awesome. He also has a beautiful wife and three little girls and a sick mountain bike, and if you ever see any of his family portraits, they look like outtakes from a J.Crew catalogue (really). Anyway, every time I chat with Robbo, I always ask him what books I should be reading and this time around, he vehemently recommended Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer. Considering what a mellow dude he is, it was pretty weird to hear him say, "Go get this book NOW. I mean it, RIGHT NOW. GO!" So I'm thinking it's nothing short of awesome.

(I dated a guy in college named Ben Krakauer who was--and still is--a banjo player. He dumped me in favor of "getting nasty with the banjo-pickin'." After that, I swore off dating musicians. Sort of.)


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